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Las Vegas and southern Nevada are known for many activities, such as attending shows, gambling, shopping, motorcycling, bicycling, and hiking. One such pastime that you wouldn’t necessarily associate with the greater Las Vegas area is sledding. But in some areas, the elevation is high enough where a sufficient amount of snowfall accumulates to allow sledding.

However, like most other outdoor activities, sledding has its dangers. On the day after Christmas, a man had to be taken by helicopter to University Trauma Center in Las Vegas after getting injured in a sledding accident. The injury occurred near the Resort on Mount Charleston in Kyle Canyon, where people were sledding near the intersections of State Routes 157 and 158. There was no word on his condition or how the sledding accident occurred.

In most cases, sledding in southern Nevada consists of grabbing a garbage can lid, tire, piece of carpet, or anything else on which people can sit and slide down a snow-covered hill. As a result, few if any safety precautions are observed. Many times, helmets or other protective headgear are not worn, and the sledders are not secured to their “vehicles” in any way. If you combine those factors with a crowd of people and a lack of regulation of traffic, it’s not hard to see how a tragedy can occur.

One thing you should know is that if a sledding accident takes place on your property, you could possibly be held liable in a personal injury lawsuit for the injuries which result to the victim or victims. So keep this in mind before allowing others to sled down a hill, slope, or embankment on your land.