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Six-Year Old Bicyclist Critically Injured in Apartment Parking Lot

Parents these days have quite a conundrum on their hands. Given the high child obesity rates, they want their kids to put down the video games and play outdoors more often. But on the other hand, they worry about the safety of their youngsters while they are playing outside. Sadly, a children’s game ended in tragedy this weekend in Las Vegas.

On Sunday evening around 6pm, some kids were playing hide-and-seek in the parking lot of the Portofino Villas Apartments, which are located on Lake Mead Boulevard just east of Torrey Pines Drive and about a mile east of Veterans Memorial Highway. A six-year old boy was riding his bike in the parking lot when he collided with a pickup truck that was trying to park. The boy was ejected from his bike, fell under the rear of the truck, and was run over. Witnesses say that his head was split open and he was bleeding shortly after the bicycle crash, and that there were tire marks on his back. The boy was rushed to University Medical Center with critical injuries. 

Metro Police are calling this case a tragic accident, adding that neither speed nor alcohol or drugs played a role in this incident. The 18-year old pickup truck driver didn’t even know he had hit the boy until he exited his vehicle. Even though the man was not cited by police, there is a chance he could be named as the defendant in a personal injury lawsuit filed by the boy’s parents.