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It’s a question I often get asked by people in and around Las Vegas. They think hiring a lawyer will just complicate the process. However, trying to negotiate with an insurance company on your own is extremely risky, especially since they will have high-paid defense lawyers and claims adjusters looking for any reason to deny or reduce your claim.

You do have the legal right to argue your own personal injury case, but a personal injury attorney has the training, experience, and legal knowledge to obtain a fair settlement for you. Because insurance companies aren’t in business to give you the most equitable settlement they can – they raise their profits by paying out the smallest possible amount they can get away with.

So yes, I do complicate the process – for the insurance company, not for my clients. And statistics support the notion that hiring a lawyer is a wise financial decision – plaintiffs who hire a personal injury lawyer get a settlement that is 3½ times higher on average than they would have if they had decided to handle the case on their own.

The choice is yours. I won’t charge you for an initial consultation. So what have you got to lose? (except perhaps a lot of settlement money)