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There are very good reasons why valley officials designate certain areas as school zones and drastically lower the speed limits during certain hours. That’s because children on foot, parents in cars, and school buses are all sharing a space that’s often not big enough for all of these people and vehicles. Even under the best conditions, school zones are prime spots for serious or deadly auto-pedestrian accidents.

A recent article in the Las Vegas Review-Journal highlighted some of the dangerous school zones throughout the valley. The Clark County School District Transportation Department listed Gehring Elementary School, Silvestri Middle School, and Cartwright Elementary School in south Las Vegas and Desert Oasis High School in extreme southwest Las Vegas as areas which are described as "troubling."

It’s not just inattentive children racing in between cars, stepping off of school buses, and dashing across busy streets. It’s also absentminded parents who often speed to get to and from school to pick up and/or drop off their kids, or drivers who pull into traffic or out of parking lots without watching for children or other vehicles. On some occasions, bus drivers – as well-trained as cautious as they are – sometimes fail to see small children until it’s too late.

It’s true that anyone who injured or kills a child can be named as a defendant in a personal injury lawsuit or wrongful death lawsuit filed by the youngster’s parents. But more importantly, it’s extremely difficult to live with the guilt and remorse that comes with bringing harm to a helpless child. So please – take extra care when driving through school zones or when transporting children to and from school.