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School Bus Accident on Summerlin Parkway Injures Several

Today’s date is abbreviated with the catchy 12/12/12 designation, one which won’t be repeated for another hundred years. There are people who are flocking to Las Vegas hoping to play 12 as a lucky number on roulette or a similar casino game. Also, some casinos are offering gaming specials in conjunction with the date – and there even 12 couples getting married today at the Chapel of the Flowers.

But for a few people, this historic date has been anything but lucky.

This morning around 7:40am, a Clark County school bus and a car were involved in a collision on Summerlin Parkway. According to Nevada Highway Patrol, an eastbound Honda Accord was driving on the parkway near Anasazi Drive (about a mile west of Las Vegas Beltway) when it crossed into oncoming traffic and struck the westbound school bus, which was carrying special needs students to West Career and Technical Academy. The head-on collision injured two students, a teacher’s aide, and the bus driver as well as the driver of the Honda.

It’s unclear exactly why the crossed into oncoming traffic, but it appears that its 42-year old driver will be held responsible for the school bus accident. That means that the parents of the students may choose to file personal injury lawsuits against the car’s driver. (The teacher’s aide and bus driver will likely be covered under the school district’s worker’s compensation program.) These suits could allow the plaintiffs to collect reimbursement for hospital expenses and perhaps even damages for pain and suffering.