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A typical motor vehicle accident has the potential to harm only a handful of people. For instance, a two-car collision may only affect two people if the vehicles involved have no passengers. Even if the two vehicles are SUVs that are loaded with people, only about a dozen or so injuries are possible.

But when you add a school bus into the mix, the potential for injuries skyrockets. Dozens of people can fit on the bus at once, and there are generally children whose bodies are not fully developed yet.

That’s why the school bus accident on the afternoon of January 10 was so scary. The bus was carrying 36 students at the time of the crash. The incident occurred on Eastern Avenue near Billman Avenue in east Las Vegas. To make matters worse, a total of four other vehicles were involved. A worst-case scenario could have put the injury toll between 40 or 50 people.

However, only nine people were injured in the school bus accident, and all of the injuries were minor. Seven of the injuries were to students on the bus, and a total of six people were taken to a nearby hospital. Police have indicated that they will issue citations to the bus driver and the driver of one of the vehicles.

The reports do not specify exactly what caused the school bus accident. But given the police citations, it is possible that the parents of some of the injured students may choose to file a personal injury lawsuit. They may be eligible for damages such as hospital expenses, medication charges, and lost wages by the parents who had to leave their jobs to tend to their injured kids.

If someone you love has been injured in a school bus accident, contact a qualified personal injury attorney as soon as possible.