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There are many reasons why people in the valley choose to take public transportation instead of drive. Perhaps they don’t want to spend money on gas (or auto insurance). Or maybe their physical health prevents them from driving. Or perhaps they think that riding the bus is safer than driving a vehicle. Which is often the case – though not today.

Around 2:30pm this afternoon, a Regional Transportation Commission bus was driving in eastern Las Vegas when it collided with another vehicle near the intersection of Fogg Street and Stewart Avenue, which is close to Keller Middle School. The impact forced the RTC bus to tip over onto its side. The driver and a passenger managed to get out of the overturned bus, but still had to be transported to University Medical Center due to injuries they sustained in the auto accident.

Metro Police are still investigating the collision, and it’s unclear which driver is at fault. But the person who was a passenger on the bus has solid grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit if he or she wishes to do so. However, it’s unclear who would be named as the defendant in such a suit. If the other vehicle is found to be responsible for the bus accident, then the driver of that vehicle would be targeted in the personal injury lawsuit. However, if the bus driver’s actions resulted in the collision, both the bus driver and the RTC could be held accountable in court for the passenger’s injuries.