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Sometimes, you read about incidents which make you shake your head and ask, “Why?” These types of stories are especially troublesome when someone gets hurt as a result. Unfortunately, one such incident occurred in Pahrump last week.

Authorities are investigating why three men threw a large rock through the windshield of a car at a service station in Pahrump near Blagg Road and Highway 372. A 20-year old woman sitting in the passenger seat suffered severe injuries to her head and had to be airlifted to University Medical Center in Las Vegas.

Perhaps the most troubling aspect of this occurrence is that Thursday evening’s rock-throwing incident appeared to have been planned. And it wasn’t executed by a couple of prank-happy teenagers. Three men are suspected in the attack, and they are still at large. Police have identified the suspects as 23-year old Timothy Michael Hannah, 20-year old Kevin Thomas Hannah, and 23-year old David Neil Taylor. At least one of the men is believed to have fled to Las Vegas or the surrounding area.

No details have been released by authorities regarding a possible motive or any circumstances which may have contributed to the attack. Hopefully, this means that investigators do possess additional information but are not sharing it with the public until the suspects are in custody.

Because Taylor is facing charges including assault with a deadly weapon and the two Hannahs are being sought on accessory charges, this may indicate that officials believe that Taylor was the one who actually threw the rock through the windshield of the vehicle. In addition to criminal charges, the victim would likely be entitled to monetary damages in any future personal injury lawsuit.