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Imagine this scenario: you and your significant other decide to go out on a romantic night on the town in Las Vegas. Perhaps you dine at a nice restaurant and flirt with each other over tasty food. Maybe you then go to a club or another place of entertainment before heading home together. Then the two of you spend the rest of the night huddled close to each other in the same room  – and you don’t get any sleep until the sun comes up.

Of course, the room where you’re huddled is the bathroom, and the reason you don’t get any sleep is because you’re vomiting and experiencing diarrhea thanks to a food-borne illness.

That may have happened recently after at least three dozen people reportedly got sick shortly after dining at the Firefly Tapas Kitchen and Bar on Paradise Road just off the Strip in Las Vegas. At least ten of those required a trip to the hospital because of the severity of their symptoms. As a result, the Southern Nevada Health District shut Firefly down while an investigation takes place.

It’s not yet known exactly what the illness was or what food or beverage it came from. The most recent health department inspection resulted in an A rating for the eatery.

Potentially, the people who went to the hospital could file personal injury lawsuits against Firefly in order to get reimbursed for medical expenses (and possibly lost wages due to missed work). But often in cases like these, the restaurant and the victims opt to reach an out-of-court agreement on these types of costs. We’ll wait and see how this story plays out.