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Picking Up the Pieces after Losing a Loved One in an Accident

You and a loved one are driving down Interstate 515 (I-515), I-215, or I-15 and another car slams into your vehicle. The wreck is so severe that your companion (could be your wife, husband, or child) is killed. The impact of this loss is devastating and happens far too often on Las Vegas roads.

As the survivor of this crash, the pressure of figuring out what to do next and picking up the pieces of your life can be overwhelming. You just lost someone very close to you and you may have suffered an injury in the accident. What should you do? What can be done to pursue justice?

Well, the first step is to get proper medical treatment for any injuries you suffered from the crash. The next step is to consult with an attorney. When another driver causes an accident and winds up killing someone, this is called a wrongful death and in a court of law, the survivors of a wrongfully killed individual have a right to pursue compensation for pain and suffering, and other damages. Let an attorney handle filing the suit and deal with the at-fault driver’s insurance company. You should focus on recuperating, making funeral arrangements for your lost loved one, and trying to regain some semblance of your life before the accident.

One of my primary goals is to seek a resolution to your wrongful death case that will allow you to avoid taking the stand and having to re-live that terrible day. In many instances, if the fault of the other driver is clearly determined, we can achieve a resolution to the wrongful death suit without going to trial. This would allow you to achieve some form of justice from this tragic situation (though no amount of compensation will ever be able to replace the loss of your loved one) and allow you to stay focused on getting through the grieving process.