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For whatever reason, it seems like autumn is the season where pedestrians in the valley seem to be most at risk. Perhaps the milder weather brings more residents outside on or near the streets. Certainly, Halloween is a night where kids and adults walk around outdoors. And last week, a female pedestrian was struck while in a crosswalk in Henderson.

Another auto-pedestrian accident took place this week just north of downtown Las Vegas. Shortly before 11:45am on Wednesday morning, a man in his 40s was reportedly walking on Las Vegas Boulevard North just north of East Bonanza Road, not far from the Lied Discovery Children’s Museum. He was reportedly struck by a sedan and had to be rushed to University Medical Center in critical condition.

At this point, Metro Police are unable to confirm if the man was in a crosswalk at the time of the auto-pedestrian accident. But if it turns out that he was, then the car’s driver would most likely be to blame for the incident. That would mean that the victim would have solid grounds to file a personal injury lawsuit against the driver of the sedan. Such a suit could allow the victim to collect reimbursement for ambulance charges, hospital expenses, medications, and even future physical therapy costs. If the man is forced to miss work because of the accident, he could be compensated for the wages that he did not earn. It’s even possible that a jury could award the