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This blog focuses quite a bit on motorcycle accidents. After all, whenever a motorcycle is involved in a collision, the two-wheeler usually bears the brunt of the damage – and its occupants are more likely to be hurt or killed. But in an incident last week, it was someone else other than the motorcyclist who was harmed.

Early Friday morning around 1:45am, a 69-year old man was trying to cross West Mead Boulevard in North Las Vegas. He was in a marked crosswalk near Pink Rose Street (which is about a half mile west of Martin Luther King Boulevard) when he was struck by a motorcycle. The victim was rushed to University Medical Center with life-threatening injuries, and the 22-year old man who was operating the motorcycle was cited for failure to yield to a pedestrian. North Las Vegas Police say that speed was also a factor in the pedestrian accident.

It appears that the victim has solid grounds for a personal injury lawsuit against the driver of the motorcycle. This type of legal action could permit the plaintiff to collect reimbursement for medical expenses; including ambulance charges, hospitalization costs, and expenses related to treatment, medication, and even physical therapy. If the 69-year old man is unable to achieve the same quality of life that he did prior to the accident, then he could receive monetary damages to compensate him for his condition. If his injuries caused him to miss work due to hospitalization, or if they render him unable to work in the future, he could also receive compensation for estimated lost wages.