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We’ve detailed a lot of auto-pedestrian accidents on the blog over the past several months. Almost always, the victim is trying to cross a street or walking along a roadway when he or she is struck by a vehicle. However, a pedestrian was hurt yesterday as the result of a collision between two motor vehicles.

Around 1:15pm on Wednesday, a motorcycle was traveling north on Eastern Avenue. As it approached the intersection of Wigwam Avenue, a Buick Regal driven by a 19-year old woman was trying to turn left from southbound Eastern onto eastbound Wigwam. The car struck the bike, and the male motorcyclist began sliding along the roadway along with the motorcycle. Both bike and rider ended up hitting a light pole, but not before they both struck a 27-year old man who was standing on the intersection’s northeast corner. The pedestrian was rushed to a nearby hospital with injuries, and the motorcyclist was pronounced dead at the scene.

Normally, it would appear that the teenage driver would be held fully responsible for the motorcycle accident, since a driver who tries to turn left must wait for all oncoming traffic to clear before crossing the intersection. However, news reports indicate that a Las Vegas Police officer saw the motorcycle traveling at a high rate of speed just prior to the collision. Therefore, the investigation might reveal that the motorcycle rider to be partially at fault. In either case, the pedestrian has strong grounds for a personal injury lawsuit against the motorcyclist and/or the driver of the car.