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Passenger Injured in Pickup Rollover West of Las Vegas

We’ve all seen photos and videos of cars that have been involved in collisions where the vehicles had been rear-ended, broadsided, or even struck head-on. From the substantial damage to these wrecked vehicles, it’s easy to see the force and power that a serious collision can do.

But what people often don’t realize is that a collision which involves a "glancing blow" – where the impact isn’t direct – can still create serious damage to vehicles and their passengers. Even an impact of this type can be forceful enough to cause a vehicle to change course, veer out of control, and even roll over.

This scenario appears to describe what happened earlier this week in an auto accident just west of the Las Vegas city limits. On Monday morning, a man was driving a pickup truck westbound on Blue Diamond Road (also known as State Route 160) with a female passenger alongside him. Another vehicle reportedly "clipped" the pickup near the intersection with Fortney Road, causing the truck to roll over onto its side. The driver sustained injuries, and there are conflicting reports which say the woman was ejected from the vehicle or had to be extricated by first responders. Both occupants were rushed to University Medical Center.

It’s not clear which direction the other vehicle was traveling, nor do authorities have an identity of its driver. Hopefully, the offending driver will be located so the two victims have an opportunity to file personal injury lawsuits against him or her.