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Passenger Injured, Driver Killed in North Las Vegas Crash

It can be difficult enough avoiding motor vehicle collisions on roads and streets in the valley. But if you have the misfortune of running off of the roadway, there are quite a few objects which can not only damage a vehicle, but also cause harm to its occupants. Some common examples are lightpoles, buildings, large signs, billboards, or concrete barriers. 

One such fatal auto accident occurred in North Las Vegas earlier this week when a car slammed into a traffic light box, which is a moderately-sized metal box containing the mechanism that controls traffic lights in the area. The wreck took place on Monday morning near the intersection of West Lake Mead Boulevard and North Rancho Road, just south of the North Las Vegas airport. It’s unclear exactly what happened, but a car wound up running over the traffic light box near a sidewalk in front of a hotel that is located across Lake Mead from the Fiesta Rancho Hotel and Casino. The driver of the car was killed, and the passenger sustained critical injuries and had to be transported to University Medical Center.

Police say that the car was speeding, though they don’t yet know whether alcohol or drugs played a role in the auto accident. The news report doesn’t identify the car’s occupants or note whether they were related. But if they were not, the passenger has solid grounds for a personal injury lawsuit against the driver of the car. The injured victim could file suit against the driver’s estate and seek damages for pain and suffering, compensation for lost wages from missed work, and reimbursement for medical expenses.