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Every year, millions of visitors travel to Paradise, Nevada to experience the Las Vegas strip and to enjoy gambling and shows. And according to statistics gathered by the U.S. Census Bureau, more than 320 million people currently live in Paradise. While nobody wants to think about accidents happening while they are on vacation in Paradise, Nevada or while they are at home or at work, consumer products that we use everyday sometimes can cause serious personal injuries.

When consumer protects result in serious injuries, injury victims may be eligible to file claims under a theory of the law known as products liability. Sometimes product liability claims result from a consumer item that was designed or made improperly, and that flaw caused the injury. In other situations, it may be the case that there is nothing wrong with the design or quality of the product, but rather that the manufacturer or retailer failed to warn you about potential dangers associated with use of that product.

If you or someone you love recently sustained injuries while using a defective consumer product, an experienced Paradise product liability lawyer can assist with your case.

Understanding Product Liability Law in Nevada

What is product liability law? According to the Cornell Legal Information Institute (LII), product liability law concerns the “liability of any or all parties along the chain of manufacture of any product for damage caused by that product.” Anytime you read about a safety recall or a recalled product, anybody who got hurt because of something that was wrong with that product may be eligible to file a product liability claim.

Generally speaking, there are three different types of product defects that can result in a successful product liability claim:

  • Design defect: this is a type of product defect that occurs in the very design of the item, and prior to manufacture.
  • Manufacturing defect: this is a type of product defect that occurs during the manufacturing stage. In other words, there is nothing defective about the product’s design, but there was a defect during the stage of the product’s manufacture.
  • Marketing defect or failure to warn: this is a type of product defect that can occur when there is nothing patently wrong with the item itself. Instead, the defect happens after the product has been designed and manufactured. Simply put, this defect refers to a situation in which the product is not accurately marketed, or is marketed in such a way that fails to warn consumers about potential hazards connected to use of the product.

Some products may have more than one type of defect. Given that many different parties are involved in the development, manufacture, and sale, your claim may involve more than one opposing party. An experienced product liability lawyer in Paradise can analyze your case and help to determine who may be liable for your injuries.

Damages in Defective Product Lawsuits

When you file a product liability claim, what kinds of damages can you expect to receive? Generally speaking, plaintiffs in product liability lawsuit may be eligible for compensatory damage of two different types: economic and non-economic damages. What is the difference between the two?

  • Economic damages: this area of compensatory damages concerns costs for which there is an objective financial amount. In other words, there are receipts, bills, or pay stubs to make clear what the damages are covering precisely. Economic damages can provide a plaintiff with compensation for hospital bills, doctor’s visits, rehabilitative therapy, and lost wages, for instance.
  • Non-economic damages: this area of compensatory damages concerns costs for which there is not a clear, objective value. Non-economic damages can provide compensation, for instance, for pain and suffering, or for the loss of enjoyment of life. As you might imagine, jurors can differ in how they value a plaintiff’s pain and suffering. Given that there is no objective value associated with these losses, non-economic damage awards tend to be more controversial than economic damage awards.

Types of Product Liability Cases

Product liability lawsuits can involve a wide variety of consumer products, including but not limited to:

  • Automobiles and auto parts;
  • Household products, such as laundry detergents or other cleaning materials;
  • Medications;
  • Surgical implants and devices;
  • Food products;
  • Children’s toys and other children’s products;
  • Electronic items; and
  • Furniture.

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