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It is common to suffer bruises, lacerations, or even broken bones in an accident. As a rule, these injuries usually heal over a period of time. But if you sustain nerve damage, your health could be affected for a very long time – or possibly even permanently.

You could slip and fall in a Henderson grocery store. Displays, merchandise, or other items can fall on you at a big box store in Summerlin. A mugger could physically assault you while you jogged through a Clark County park. Or you could get rear-ended by another driver on the strip in Las Vegas.

nerve, damage, paralysis, accident, injuryAll of these accidents can result in nerve damage, which is also called peripheral neuropathy. If you think you may have sustained nerve damage in an accident, seek medical help immediately. You should then consult with an injury lawyer.

Think of the human body as an electrical grid, with the nerves being the electrical wires through which messages are transported to and from the brain. If a blockage were to occur somewhere along this “network,” it may affect the entire body as well as the point of the obstruction. This is why nerve damage can be so serious.

If nerves are stretched or pressured, they can usually heal once the source of the problem is eliminated. But if nerves are cut, they must be fixed surgically. If the nerve damage cannot be repaired, the area of the body where it occurs is subject to paralysis because the brain’s signals are unable to travel to it. If the nerve damage is in the spinal cord or brain, most or all of the body can become paralyzed permanently. The cost of care for paraylsis can reach the millions over a lifetime. You may require 24 hour care, depending on the extent of the paralysis. Again, this is why you should contact a qualified personal injury lawyer. We will fight to get the compensation you need to cover those large medical bills along with lost wages and reimbursement for pain and suffering.