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It’s a special weekend for NASCAR fans in the Valley. Las Vegas Motor Speedway is hosting the Kobalt Tools 400 stock car race on Sunday, March 6, with the green flag to drop at 11am. But there will be numerous events being held at the racetrack all weekend long starting today. And that means more vehicles on the roads heading to the speedway – which increases the chances of motor vehicle accidents.

If you are heading to Las Vegas Motor Speedway this weekend, know where you are going and which entrance you will be using once you arrive (that information can be found on the speedway’s parking map). The two main routes are Interstate 15 and Las Vegas Boulevard (although people traveling from Henderson will probably take I-215). As a result, the exit ramp off I-15 will be three lanes wide, while Las Vegas Boulevard will be widened to five lanes heading north (and traffic flow in all of these lanes will be reversed to move southbound at the conclusion of each day’s events).

If you’re heading to the track, expect traffic delays, exercise patience, and be courteous to other drivers. There will be vehicles changing lanes and trying to merge, so do your best to facilitate rather than impede the flow of traffic.

If you are not taking part in NASCAR weekend at Las Vegas Motor Speedway, it is probably a good idea to avoid the track for the next few days (as well as I-15 and Las Vegas Boulevard heading to and from the speedway). If you must travel in those areas, allow a lot of extra time to reach your destination and be prepared for unusual delays.

All it takes is one moment to lose your cool and cause a motor vehicle accident, which could result in injuries (and perhaps a personal injury lawsuit). So be patient, drive smart, and enjoy (or avoid) NASCAR weekend!