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What do you think would happen if a thin glass bowl impacted with a bowling ball?

Since the bowling ball weighs approximately 13 times as much as the bowl, the results are fairly predictable.

Now you have an idea of what happens when a motorcycle collides with a Hummer.

When this occurred yesterday in Las Vegas, the results were as foreseeable as they were tragic. About 4:40pm, a 21-year old man was riding his 2008 Honda CBR motorcycle north on Jones Boulevard approximately a quarter mile south of Alta Road. A 2006 Hummer H3 was traveling south on Jones Boulevard and was making a left turn onto Evergreen Avenue. In doing so, the SUV crossed into the path of the motorcycle, and the bike struck the side of the Hummer. The 21-year old was rushed to University Medical Center, but was pronounced dead about 20 minutes after the crash. The 67-year old Hummer driver suffered minor injuries.

Metro Police are investigating this motorcycle accident and have not yet issued any citations. The intersection where this fatal crash took place is not regulated by any stop sign or traffic signal on Jones Boulevard, although the street does have a center lane which is designated for vehicles making a left turn.

If police determine that the Hummer attempted to turn before oncoming traffic had cleared, then its driver would be cited for failure to yield the right of way and would probably be found liable for the death of the motorcyclist. Subsequently, the family of the 21-year old could file a wrongful death lawsuit against the Hummer driver in an effort to receive compensation for burial costs, lost future wages, and pain and suffering.