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Man Dies When Mini Cooper Rear-Ended On Las Vegas Beltway

One of the unique aspects of Las Vegas is the high number of high-profile affairs that take place in the city. It seems like every weekend, one hotel or resort is hosting a show, concert, or convention that attracts thousands of people. As a result, traffic in areas where these happenings take place can tend to slow or stop, either due to onlookers or because of a long line of people trying to get to the event in question.

Sadly, this phenomenon was a factor in a fatal auto accident which occurred on Friday night. Shortly before 7pm, northbound traffic had slowed down in the right hand lane of the Las Vegas Beltway near Sahara Avenue because of people trying to exit to see a Luke Bryan concert at the Red Rock Hotel and Casino. A Chevy Tahoe failed to slow down in time and slammed into the back of a Mini Cooper, causing a five-vehicle chain reaction crash. The 58-year old driver succumbed to his injuries, and his wife who was a passenger in the car was rushed to University Medical Center with critical injuries.

The SUV fled the scene, but the 49-year old male driver turned himself in to authorities on Saturday. Regardless of what criminal charges are filed against him, the woman who was injured in the Mini has strong grounds to file not only a personal injury lawsuit against the man, but also a wrongful death lawsuit on her husband’s behalf. The 49-year old man may be ordered to reimburse the woman for her hospital expenses as well as burial costs for her husband. A jury may also award the woman damages for pain and suffering and/or loss of companionship and care, as well as estimated future wages the man would have earned in his lifetime.