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One of the constants of traveling around the valley is change – specifically in the form of road construction. Crews are constantly expanding and upgrading roads, streets, and freeways, and they do an excellent job of blocking off areas that they are working on. The problem arises when vehicles drive into these prohibited areas – and sometimes the consequences are deadly.

Sadly, that was the case this weekend in a rollover accident on the 215-Beltway in Las Vegas. On Saturday night around 11:15pm, a 1999 Chevrolet Blazer was traveling on the highway when the driver lost control and the sport utility vehicle veered into a closed-off area of the highway, where it then spun and flipped over. A 31-year old North Las Vegas man who was a front seat passenger in the SUV was ejected and died about nine hours later from his injuries at University Medical Center. The female driver was rushed to the same hospital in critical condition.

From the information given, it appears that the woman will be held solely responsible for the auto accident. Even though she sustained critical injuries, the surviving family members of the man may still choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit against her. After all, the family will likely have to incur medical costs and burial expenses, and they won’t be able to collect the wages that he would have earned in his lifetime had the crash never taken place. A jury could also award damages to the plaintiffs for loss of care and companionship as well as mental anguish.