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There may be a change that’s sweeping across the nation. It’s starting in the western U.S., where Washington and Colorado have both decriminalized possession of small amounts of marijuana. California helped pioneer the medical-marijuana movement (and it isn’t difficult to obtain medical pot in the Golden State), and Arizona just passed medical marijuana legislation as well.

Now, Nevada may be jumping on the Mary Jane bandwagon.

Joe Hogan, a state assemblyman who represents Las Vegas, has introduced a bill in Carson City that would legalize the possession of up to an ounce of pot and as many as a half dozen marijuana plants by anyone 21 and older. Hogan’s bill also makes clear that driving under the influence of marijuana is illegal (though it doesn’t set a minimum standard of THC impairment like Washington did), and that the measure doesn’t force employers or real estate property owners to tolerate its presence.

Safety advocates have long claimed that the legalization of marijuana would lead to more crime and/or auto accidents. Hogan responds by saying, "Prohibition doesn’t work."

The bill also calls for a 25% excise tax on each step in the process from growth to consumer, the proceeds of which would be earmarked for Nevada schools. Which would mean that increased marijuana production and sales would result in more school funding. (Irony, thy name is BDR 15-1069.)  

But one can only imagine some of the initiatives that could potentially arise from passage of  the proposal.

"Wanna Boost Educator Salaries? Smoking Pot is Good for Teachers!"

"Help School Music Programs Hit the HIGH Notes!"

"For All the Sports That Students Play… Go Out Today and Smoke a Jay!"

"Help Kids Read and Write – With the Right Weed!"

Got any others? Or do you want to weigh in on the measure itself?

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