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motorcycle, motor, bike, injury, injuries, accident, crash, wreck, Las VegasPerhapsyou frequently ride your motorcycle down residential streets in Pahrump, two-lane roads in Clark County, or major thoroughfares in North Las Vegas. Wherever you ride, there is a danger of oncoming vehicles not seeing you or misjudging your speed as they try to make a left turn in front of you. If you are unable to react and proceed to broadside their vehicle, the ensuing car-motorcycle accident can result in serious injuries to you and property damage to your bike.

But it is important to remember that even if another driver claims not to have seen you or that your speed was deceptive, you are still not at fault in the accident. Nevada law requires that all vehicles yield the right of way to oncoming traffic when turning left at a place where no lights, stop signs, or other traffic signals are involved.

The only major exceptions to this rule occur if you ran a red light or a stop sign, or if you were traveling at an excessive rate of speed. In the latter case, it is usually difficult if not impossible for another driver to prove in court that you were speeding at the time of a left-turn accident.

When riding a motorcycle, it is always prudent to anticipate not being seen by other vehicles. But it is not your legal responsibility to do so. Therefore, if you are hurt in an accident where another vehicle made a left-turn in front of you, contact a personal injury attorney after you have sought medical attention for your injuries.