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Las Vegas Escalator Breakdowns and Malfunctions May Lead to Serious Injuries

Nearly 10,000 people suffer serious injuries and are sent to the emergency room every year in the United States because of escalator accidents, according to CBS News. Sadly, many of these innocent victims are children.

Escalator accidents and malfunctions occur more often in Las Vegas than most cities in the country. Why? Because so many hotels and casinos feature escalators, some even have multi-level escalators with elaborate designs to wow visitors.

escalator, accident, accidents, injury, injuries, Las Vegas, head, pulled muscleOne of the most common escalator malfunctions is when the escalator suddenly stops. This causes passengers to jolt forward or backward, usually winding up on the ground. This can lead to serious injuries like a broken bone, pulled muscle, or even a serious head injury.

An escalator accident in 2009 at Caesar’s Palace illustrates the dangers of these machines. A malfunction occurred on the escalator and 12 visitors were hospitalized with injuries as a result, according to the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

If you or a loved one was injured as a result of an escalator breakdown, consult with an injury attorney. The manufacturer, or possibly a maintenance company, usually maintains the escalator system and when an accident or breakdown occurs, they will be held liable.

During the injury claim process, liability could fall one, or all, of three parties:

  • The hotel/property owners
  • The manufacturer
  • The maintenance company

We consult with engineers, technicians, and experts in computer science to determine what caused the escalator to break down and which party was at fault. Each of these parties may share in the liability, or it may just be one party found exclusively liable.