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“Fitness Friendly” Sketcher Shoes Actually Cause Injuries

It seems like almost everyone in Las Vegas is trying to exercise, lose weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle, or all of the above. There are countless products on the market which claim that they can help residents achieve their health-related goals. But how do we know those claims are true?

One such product has fallen under scrutiny because of what some say are false and misleading claims. Skechers Shoes were marketed as an easy, innovative way to increase weight loss and tone leg muscles. The soles of these shoes were not flat, but instead have an outward curve which impacts the ground, so that wearers are forced to walk differently. This change in gait is supposed to strengthen the muscles in the legs and feet to help improve the wearer’s overall fitness level.

However, a University of Wisconsin study determined that Skechers Shoes actually did nothing that they purported to do. Research showed that not only did Skechers wearers not realize any health benefits, but the shoes actually increased the chances of injury. According to the researchers, the Skechers design does change a person’s gait – but it also creates severe lateral instability. That makes it much easier for people to twist or roll their ankles, which could lead to ligament tears and strains, falls, broken bones, or hip injuries.

If you bought a pair of Skechers Shoes but suffered a significant injury while wearing them, either due to continual improper walking or a sudden fall, you may be entitled to reimbursement for medical expenses, compensation for lost time at work due to your injuries, and even damages for pain and suffering. Contact a qualified product liability attorney as soon as possible.