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You may have heard that the bookmakers at Las Vegas casinos are very happy with the 2012 edition of the Final Four, otherwise known as the semifinals and the finals of the NCAA Men’s College Basketball Championships. But for drivers, it could end up being a very sad few days if they encounter a drunk driver.

The first semifinal matchup will tip off shortly after 4pm local time, so you may see heavier traffic around the city in the two hours prior to that time as people try to get good seats at Las Vegas sports bars, gentlemen’s clubs, and other places showing the games. The second game is scheduled to end shortly after 9pm, which means you could see lots of game-watchers leaving venues and either going home or proceeding to other entertainment hotspots. These drivers may have imbibed alcohol during the two games, and some of them may be impaired.

This pattern will repeat itself Monday evening when the championship game is played. Tipoff for that contest is set for 7pm, and the game should end sometime around 9:30pm. So watch for additional rush hour traffic on Monday evening as fans head to game-watching parties – and then look out for impaired drivers after the game ends.

If you are heading out to watch the Final Four, be sure to appoint a designated driver. If you are victimized in an auto accident caused by a drunk driver, be sure to seek medical attention and then contact a qualified DUI attorney as soon as possible.