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Police believe that weather was a factor in an accident which killed a 21-year-old man as he tried to cross the street.

The wreck occurred near the intersection of Bent Arrow Drive and Camino Eldorado Parkway. Police do not believe that the driver, who remained at the scene, was impaired. They also do not believe that the victim was in a marked crosswalk.

None of the names were released.

Common Injuries in Nevada Pedestrian Accidents

In a vehicle-on-vehicle collision, there is usually not much of a difference between a 30mph crash and a 40mph crash. The injuries may be a little more serious and the property damage may be worse, but that’s about it.

Pedestrian-auto crashes are much different. If the tortfeasor (negligent driver) is travelling slower than 30mph, the pedestrian fatality rate is less than 10 percent. But at a 40mph impact speed, the death rate skyrockets to 90 percent. Some of the injuries in these crashes include:

  • Head Injury: Since they have no crash helmets or restraint systems, pedestrians are seriously at risk for severe head injuries. In fact, sometimes the motion alone is sufficient to cause such an injury. It’s possible to scramble the brain without breaking the skull, just like one can scramble an egg without breaking the shell.
  • Blood Loss: Exsanguination is usually the official cause of death in these crashes. In serious wrecks, pedestrians could lose up to a third of their blood or even more. These types of injuries are difficult to survive, because the body starts shutting down organs when they cannot receive the proper nutrients.

Although normally not fatal, broken bones are also very common in these wrecks. The fractures usually require metal pins or plates during surgery. So, the postoperative physical therapy is even longer and harder than it would otherwise be.

Causes and Defenses in Las Vegas Pedestrian Accidents

Vehicles are much more difficult to control in wet or other adverse weather. A light rain mixes with traces of oil to form a glaze over the road’s surface. As a result, cars are basically floating. Despite the danger, most drivers do not adjust their driving habits in these situations. They do not slow down or turn more carefully. Behavior like that often results in tragedy.

Weather is not an excuse for negligence. In fact, the opposite is true. When the weather is bad, Las Vegas drivers have a duty to be even more careful.

If the pedestrian is outside a crosswalk, Nevada insurance companies usually try to use the sudden emergency defense in court. This doctrine excuses negligent driving if the tortfeasor:

  • Encounters a “sudden emergency” and
  • Reacts reasonably in the wake of that emergency.

In this context, a jaywalking pedestrian is not a “sudden emergency.” Such events happen quite often, just like a stalled vehicle or a car that stops short. So, drivers should be ready for such events and the defense is arguably inapplicable.

Contact an Aggressive Lawyer

Pedestrian-auto crashes raise often cause fatal injuries. For a free consultation with an experienced personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, contact Naqvi Injury Law. Home and hospital visits are available.