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Fatal Las Vegas Wreck Kills One and Injures Many

Being in a car accident can change you and your loved ones’ lives forever. Medical bills, rehabilitation costs and lost wages are only the tip of the iceberg. And unfortunately sometimes these accidents can be fatal. This type of accident recently happened here in Las Vegas.

One Killed, Many Injured in Las Vegas Car Accident

The Las Vegas Sun reports that a nine-car auto accident killed one woman and injured many others earlier this month. This accident happened at the intersection of Jones Boulevard and Cheyenne Avenue. Police state that the driver of a 2012 Dodge Challenger was speeding as she drove down Cheyenne Avenue and that she failed to slow down as she approached the red light at the intersection. She struck a Ford Crown Victoria that was traveling south through the intersection. The driver of the Crown Victoria had a green light. The impact caused the Crown Victoria to hit a Nissan. The Dodge and the Nissan then both struck a Toyota Rav 4. Both the Toyota and the Nissan rolled over. Five other cars were damaged by the Dodge, Nissan, and Toyota as they came to a stop.

The crash killed the driver of the Nissan, a 56-year-old woman. Although it is only February, she was the 11th person to die in a traffic-related incident in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department’s jurisdiction this year. Las Vegas News Channel 3 reports that multiple other victims were injured in the accident, some of them quite seriously. One of the injured individuals is the driver of the Dodge who is accused of causing the accident. This driver has been arrested by police but at the time of the report was still receiving medical treatment at an area hospital.

Running Red Lights is a Deadly Habit


According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration, red-light running is a “serious intersection safety issue across the nation.” That agency reports that in 2008 there were more than 2.3 million reported intersection-related crashes. Those crashes killed 7,770 people and injured 733,000 additional people. Red-light running crashes alone were responsible for 762 deaths that year. Roughly 165,000 people are injured each year by red-light running. The number of fatalities dropped slightly in 2009 to 676 people killed, but that is the last year for which statistics are available.

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