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This blog has striven to drive home an important point: no matter what happens, you should never flee the scene of an accident. Instead, you should wait there until first responders arrive – whether it was your fault or not.

The second fatal auto-pedestrian accident this month on Boulder Highway in Las Vegas occurred earlier this week. But Tuesday night’s incident highlights how two drivers made different choices in the aftermath of the tragedy.

Around 6pm, a man in his 60s was part of a group that was reportedly trying to cross Boulder Highway near the intersection of Lamb Boulevard. But the man was struck first by a van, and then his body was hit again by a pickup truck. The victim succumbed to his injuries.

Here’s the interesting aspect to this accident: the van immediately pulled over after the impact, but the pickup truck did not. Consequently, Metro Police are actively searching for the truck and its driver and are asking the public for help in locating them.

The elderly man was crossing Boulder Highway mid-block in a poorly-lit area without the protection of a marked crosswalk. As a result, police are saying that the auto-pedestrian accident appears to be the fault of the man in his 60s. So the van’s driver probably won’t be cited at all, but the driver of the pickup truck will likely face hit-and-run charges. These criminal charges may have an effect the outcome of any wrongful death lawsuit that could be filed by the victim’s family members.