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Elderly Pedestrian Critically Injured in West Las Vegas

This summer has not been a good one for senior citizens in the valley. Less than a month ago, an elderly woman was hurt in an accident involving a motorcycle and a car in the west valley. The 90-year old victim was a passenger in a car that collided with an out-of-control motorcycle. Unfortunately, another elderly lady is recovering from injuries sustained last week from another accident on the west side of town.

On Friday morning, an 86-year old woman was walking in a residential neighborhood of west Las Vegas just before 8am. She was struck by a car near the intersection of North Napa Hills Drive and West Sutter Hills Avenue, which sits just off of Sageberry Drive near the point where the Las Vegas Beltway crosses Far Hills Avenue. The 2002 Mitsubishi was reportedly trying to turn left when it collided with the woman. The victim was rushed to University Medical Center with critical injuries.

Metro Police are still investigating the exact cause of the auto-pedestrian accident, but it’s likely that the Mitsubishi driver will be held primarily or completely responsible for the incident. Like the 90-year old woman mentioned above, the 86-year old woman appears to have solid grounds for a personal injury lawsuit. This legal action could allow the woman to collect reimbursement for the ambulance charges, hospitalization costs, and treatment expenses that she incurred as a result of the accident. In addition, the victim can also receive damages if she has a reduced quality of life because of health problems indirectly caused by the accident.