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Elderly Passenger Dies in Left-Turn Accident in Las Vegas

There are a lot of multi-lane divided roadways in Las Vegas, the purpose of which are to allow traffic to flow more smoothly and rapidly. As a rule, that’s a good thing as far as reducing the chances of a head-on collision caused by a motorist accidentally crossing into oncoming traffic. However, it can create problems at intersections with vehicles who want to turn left across multiple lanes of traffic. 

It was at this type of intersection where an elderly woman was killed in a left-turn auto accident last week. Shortly after 12:30pm Friday afternoon, a 1998 Chevrolet Lumina was moving west on Flamingo Road in the east valley when it tried to turn left onto Pearl Street, which is just east of Pecos Road. An eastbound 2004 Ford F150 pickup truck crashed into the passenger side of the car, injuring both vehicle drivers. But the 80-year old woman in the Lumina’s front passenger seat died from her injuries at the hospital a short time later.

Police are still investigating the auto accident, but it’s quite likely that the person at fault was the 79-year old driver of the Lumina. That’s because there is no traffic signal at the intersection, meaning that it is the responsibility of the left turning vehicle to make sure that traffic has cleared before crossing over the roadway.

If this is indeed the case, the car’s driver would probably be held fully liable for the death of the elderly woman, as well as the injuries to the driver of the pickup.