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By now, you’ve probably heard about the horrific bus stop crash which took place in Las Vegas yesterday morning. A car, which may have been traveling at speeds around 100 miles an hour, lost control near the intersection of Spring Mountain Road and East Decatur Boulevard just before 6:30am. Witnesses said that the car went airborne before it crashed into a bus stop just east of Decatur. A total of four people were killed and eight others were injured. All of them were believed to be waiting for a bus that was due to arrive just one minute later.

But here’s what could be the most sickening part of the story: while rescue personnel were trying to free the driver of the car from the wreckage, he was heard to ask, “Did I make it to the liquor store?”

Police suspect the 24-year old man was drunk when he drove the car into the bus stop. Officials say that they smelled alcohol on his breath.

The driver does not have a bright future in front of him. After recovering from authorities say are a collapsed lung and possibly a broken back, he faces DUI charges in Clark County. Then he could be named as a defendant in as many as four wrongful death lawsuits and eight personal injury lawsuits in connection with this terrible auto-pedestrian accident. Courts have the power to garnish his wages until the settlements or judgments are all paid off – which could take years or even decades. But that’s small solace for family members of all of the victims.