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Death of Woman Who Fell Falling From Circus Circus Hotel Room Ruled Accidental

We told you about the auto-pedestrian accident back in June where a pickup truck struck a man who had just attended the Electric Daisy Music Festival. The 31-year old man was hit just outside the Las Vegas Motor Speedway where the concert event was held, and was transported to the hospital in extremely critical condition.

That wasn’t the only tragic occurrence in connection with the festival. A 22-year old woman from Scottsdale, Arizona who came to Las Vegas for Electric Daisy died after plunging 20 stories from a window of the Circus Circus Hotel. According to reports, the woman had taken some Ecstasy at the show and became paranoid that someone was following her. So she left the speedway and took a cab back to her hotel, where she reportedly messaged her friends saying that she was still being stalked. When her friends returned to the room, they discovered that the woman had somehow fallen out of the hotel window.

This week, a Clark County coroner ruled that the fall was accidental. But there are still some unanswered questions relating to the incident. The most perplexing one is how the woman got through the hotel window, which was unbroken when her friends found her body. According to Circus Circus officials, the windows in the hotel’s rooms are prevented from opening more than six inches by a latch that cannot be overridden.

Six inches is about the same length as a standard ballpoint pen. Are hotel authorities saying that the woman somehow got her whole body through that opening?

Even though the death was ruled accidental, the family members of the woman can still file a wrongful death lawsuit against the hotel. They don’t have to prove that they know exactly how the woman died – all they have to do is convince a jury that the hotel was somehow negligent in her death. Given the strange circumstances surrounding her fall, that may be an achievable goal.