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Deadly Accident between a Car and Tour Bus in Las Vegas

On Saturday, September 5, two people died and five others were seriously injured as a result of a fiery crash between a Las Vegas tour bus and a car. The bus accident occurred at an intersection at a little after 7:00 in the morning. It was the car that jumped the light, and the tour bus that firefighters rushed to, as it was engulfed in flames by the time they arrived. The tour bus driver and a German passenger were pronounced dead at the scene, as they were not able to escape the burning bus. Three other tour bus passengers were seriously injured (as were the driver and passenger in the BMW) and had to be taken to local hospitals.


Driver of the Car Was Allegedly Driving Under the Influence

It was the driver of the car who is alleged to have caused the accident. He was reportedly intoxicated, and smashed his BMW into the tour bus in the intersection after running a red light, which caused the tour bus to burst into flames. The driver is expected to be charged with two counts of DUI causing death, and three charges of DUI causing substantial bodily harm. Each charge could result in a sentence of up to 20 years in prison. As of now, the driver remains hospitalized with his injuries.

What About Those Hurt in the Crash?

Tour bus accidents occur more often than you would think, although not usually with the deadly results as this particular accident brings. Tour buses are a very convenient way to get around the city, and many people visiting Las Vegas wisely choose not to drive and rely on bus transportation to get around town. Las Vegas is the hub of tourism for the entire state of Nevada, and the tour bus industry has a strong presence in and around the city limits. There are many laws governing tour bus operators, and if you are injured in a tour bus accident, you should speak to an experienced bus accident attorney before speaking to the attorneys or insurance companies that represent the tour bus company or a third party driver.

How Can Naqvi Injury Law Help?

If you have been injured in a tour bus accident in Las Vegas, the personal injury lawyers at Naqvi Injury Law are ready to help determine who caused the tour bus accident and is responsible for your pain and suffering, and seek proper compensation on your behalf. Sometimes, the bus driver is at fault, sometimes it is the driver of another driver (like in this case), sometimes accidents occur due to faulty equipment, and sometimes they arise due to road conditions. Sometimes there can be more than one party at fault. For example, in the accident that just happened, while it appears the driver was indeed intoxicated and at fault, there will still be an investigation into why the tour bus burst into flames the way it did, and if there was any other source of negligence that led to the injuries and deaths of the driver and passengers. No matter the reason, we can help you figure it out and seek proper compensation from all responsible parties. If you have been injured in a tour bus accident in our around Las Vegas, call us today and let us steer your claim in the right direction.