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It’s a ritual for many Las Vegas residents: picking up some doughnuts before heading to work, school, or a community event. Some establishments even have a drive-thru window for customers who are in a hurry. But even though one doughnut shop a bit east of downtown does not offer drive-thru service, that didn’t stop one driver from trying.

Last week, a car ended up inside a Winchell’s Donut House on Eastern Avenue just north of U.S. 95. On Friday night around 7:15pm, a two-vehicle collision caused one car to veer off the southbound side of Eastern and crash through the front window of the business. Two customers inside Winchell’s sustained non-life threatening injuries in the auto accident, while the driver of the car was also hurt. All three were taken to area hospitals.

Metro Police have not yet determined what caused the crash that led to the car slamming into the doughnut shop. If the driver of the car that went into the building is eventually found to be liable, then that person could be named as a defendant in any personal injury lawsuit filed by the customers at the doughnut shop. But if the driver of the car that did not strike the structure is found to be responsible, then he or she could be sued by both the customers and the driver of the car that crashed into Winchell’s.

Personal injury lawsuits can allow the plaintiffs to collect reimbursement for medical expenses, monetary damages for pain and suffering, and reimbursement of lost wages due to work absenteeism.