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Standard auto accidents can be bad enough. But damages, injuries, and fatalities can increase if one of the vehicles involved is heavier than the other. Like when a car is hit by an SUV, pickup truck, or van. Or if a box truck or an 18-wheeler causes a crash. But last week, a woman died when her car was struck by something even heavier than that.

In North Las Vegas, a 20-year old woman was driving a Dodge sedan just before 1pm last Friday. But a 47-year old man driving a commercial crane truck ran a red light and plowed into the side of the Dodge. The woman and her two passengers were rushed to a nearby hospital. A rear seat passenger sustained minor injuries, but a 25-year old front seat passenger was in extremely critical condition. The female driver succumbed to her injuries at the hospital.

When a 40-ton commercial crane truck hits the side of a passenger car, the odds of fatalities skyrocket for the victims. Based on the information in this article, the family of the driver has strong grounds for a wrongful death lawsuit against both the truck driver and the company which employs him – because running the red light would make the truck driver liable for the consequences of the wreck. The plaintiffs could receive the woman’s unearned future wages, reimbursement for hospital and burial expenses, and compensation for emotional pain and suffering. The two other crash victims could file personal injury lawsuits as well in hopes of getting reimbursed for health care costs and lost time at work.