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Clark County School District Police Sued in Fatal Drunk Driving Crash

As the holidays approach, Nevadans tend to get into the spirit by throwing holiday parties. Many times, alcohol is served and consumed at these gatherings. But there’s something that all party hosts should keep in mind: if someone drinks too much at your party, gets behind the wheel of a vehicle, and injures or kills someone else; you could be held partially liable for the consequences. Especially if the drunk driver is underage.

That’s what the Clark County School District Police is discovering. In November of 2009, a CCSD dispatcher hosted a holiday party which numerous teenagers attended. One of them, an 18-year old named Kevin Miranda, later got into his pickup truck and crashed into a car at the intersection of Flamingo Boulevard and Rainbow Road. The 24-year old woman driving the car died at a hospital, and Miranda was convicted of felony driving under the influence and is serving 16 years in prison.

Now, the parents of the victim are suing not only the driver, but also the CCSD police department and eight of its employees. Reports say that the teens were permitted to drink as much alcohol as they wanted at the party – and even played beer pong with members of the CCSD police department.

The plaintiffs stand to collect damages for pain and suffering and loss of companionship, reimbursement for hospital and burial costs, and compensation for lost future wages which would have been earned by the woman. And considering the events leading up to the fatal auto accident, it is even possible that a jury might order the CCSD police to pay punitive damages to the plaintiffs.