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Chain reaction crashes can be incredibly scary, significantly damaging to property, and severely dangerous to motorists. One such accident took place two months ago and involved five 18-wheelers, four cars, and three people suffering injuries. That incident occurred during wet weather conditions on U.S. 95. But chain reaction wrecks can take place on any Las Vegas roadway, even in sunny conditions.

This point was proven this week when a total of seven vehicles were involved in a crash in the northwest valley. On Tuesday afternoon just before 3pm, a 1997 Ford Explorer was traveling south on North Decatur Boulevard right in front of the Nevada Career Institute near the intersection with West Cheyenne Avenue. The SUV struck a southbound 1998 Chevy pickup on its left side. The Explorer then hit two more vehicles, and other collisions occurred as a result.

A total of 11 people had to be taken to University Medical Center. One of those victims suffered serious injuries, and a 47-year old California woman was in critical condition at UMC. It’s not clear what caused the 64-year old North Las Vegas driver of the Explorer to strike the pickup.

If the North Las Vegas man is found to be responsible for the initial collision, then he could be named as a defendant in as many as 11 different personal injury lawsuits filed by the victims. Since nine of the individuals taken to UMC suffered only minor injuries, their medical costs might not be too high. But the two other victims may incur hospital bills in the thousands or tens of thousands of dollars. Suits of this nature are designed to reimburse plaintiffs for their expenses related to the crash.