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Car accidents have happened as long as there have been cars. And advances in technology like seat belts, airbags, and changes in motor vehicle structure have made us a lot safer when those crashes happen. But not all technology has been good for driver safety. Cell phones have created a serious danger for Las Vegas drivers. While most people recognize that texting and driving is unsafe, that does not prevent a lot of people from doing it. Additionally, many people do not realize how unsafe other cell phone activity while driving can be, since texting has gotten much of the attention.

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Cell Phones Make Driving Dangerous

The Nevada Department of Transportation prepared a report on Nevada traffic crashes in 2010. This is before Nevada’s current law regarding cell phone use and driving went into effect, so it is demonstrative of what the problem would be like without legal intervention. According to this report cell phone use was the cause of 11.5% of traffic accidents. This number was based on self-reported behavior from the driver, witness statements, and behavior witnessed by law enforcement. So there were likely more accidents than even this high number caused by cell phones, as not all drivers whose cell phone use causes an accident admit to it or get caught.

Nevada Law on Cell Phone Use While Driving

Fortunately, due to the high number of cell phone-related accidents, our legislature passed a law regarding cell phone use while driving. According to this law, it is illegal to text, access the internet on your phone, or use a hand-held phone while driving in Nevada. While the first offense under this law carries only a modest fine and is not considered a moving violation, subsequent offenses can have driver’s license consequences and carry much heftier fines. Drivers are allowed to use hands-free headsets and are allowed to touch the phone to activate, deactivate, or initiate a function of the hands-free device. There are exceptions to the law that allow cell phone usage by regular citizens while driving:

  • A person can use the phone while driving to report an emergency, safety hazard, or criminal activity; and
  • Drivers can use a voice-operated navigation system affixed to the vehicle or those riding in autonomous vehicles.

While this law is a good first step in discouraging some drivers from using cell phones, it will not work to discourage all drivers. That is why it is important that individuals who are injured by distracted drivers are able to use the civil court system to seek compensation from the individual responsible for their injuries.

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