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Because more and more households either have only one parent or require that both parents work, leaving kids at daycare centers is becoming more prevalent. So it’s important that mothers and fathers find a child care facility that provides top-notch care and attention for their sons and daughters.

Unfortunately, children’s injuries in daycare centers are all too common. These injuries can happen in child care facilities anywhere from Boulder City to Pahrump or from Henderson to North Las Vegas.

Some of the frequent causes of Las Vegas child care facility injuries are:

  • falls from furniture or playground equipment
  • poorly-trained caregivers
  • lack of child supervision
  • hazards in the facility itself
  • mishandling of conflict or disciplinary issues by caregivers
  • failure to address a child’s special needs

According to a study published in the medical journal Pediatrics, the most common injuries at child care centers were:

  • lacerations or cuts
  • bumps or bruising
  • bone fractures
  • dental injuries

While accidents certainly do happen, there are a few clues which parents can look for if they are viewing a potential child care facility for their loved ones.

  • Notice whether all of the children are within eyesight of caregivers. If they are “under supervision” but not within view, accidents are more likely to take place.
  • Check playground equipment to see if it is rusty or in disrepair.
  • Ask where the first aid kit is to see if caregivers know the answer.
  • Inquire about the training and backgrounds of the caregivers.

If you feel that your child suffered an injury at a daycare center due to the negligence of caregivers, consider contacting a Las Vegas lawyer to file a personal injury lawsuit against the facility.