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You know what they say about real estate: it’s all about location, location, location. Unfortunately, there was a real estate office in Las Vegas which just happened to be sitting in the wrong location at the wrong time – and the result was several injuries.

Just before 10:30am on Tuesday morning, a car smashed into a building housing a Century 21 real estate office a couple miles west of I-15. The auto accident occurred on South Jones Boulevard just north of Edna Avenue. There’s no word on precisely what caused the car to crash into the structure, but it wound up sideways inside the office. The driver, who is paralyzed below the waist and used hand controls to operate the car, was briefly trapped and had to be extricated. He had to be taken to a nearby hospital, as were four people inside the building who were also hurt.

Though the incident is still under investigation, it appears that the fault of the accident lies with the car’s driver. If this is the case, the four victims inside the office building could file personal injury lawsuits against the man. Such legal action could reimburse them for lost wages from work absenteeism and medical expenses incurred at the hospital and in the future.

However, there is a chance that the car, which was fitted especially for the disabled man, somehow suffered a malfunction which caused the crash. In this instance, the driver and the other victims could file suit against the company that added the features into the car and/or the vehicle manufacturer itself.