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Car Accidents Are A Key Example of Negligence Resulting in Personal Injuries

Personal injury law covers a wide variety of topics. It can include traffic accidents, product liability cases, slip and fall incidents, and, in the most unfortunate cases, can even extend into wrongful death. We deal with these cases each and every day and see over and over the horrible consequences of the negligence of others. Car accidents in particular give rise to an extraordinary number of negligent injuries.

Man Alleged to Have Committed Hit and Run on Camera

Usually in personal injury cases we have to rely on the testimony of eyewitnesses and experts in order to determine exactly what happened. But the Las Vegas Review Journal reports that one recent hit and run driver has been caught on tape. Video footage provided by a car wash owner shows the hit and run driver backing into another vehicle that two carwash employees were in the process of cleaning. One of the employees wound up with fractured bones in his back, an injured leg, and broken teeth. The other suffered less serious injuries but still had to be treated at the hospital.


So How Many Car Accidents Happen in Las Vegas?

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department provides statistics regarding the number of traffic accidents each year in our city. The last year for which comprehensive data is currently available is 2013. That year there were 22,621 traffic collisions and 10,444 of them resulted in injuries. Just in our city alone 3 bicyclists, 22 drivers, 29 motorcyclists, 10 auto passengers, and 42 pedestrians were killed in car crashes, for a total of 106 fatalities that year. While it looks like the number of collisions in 2014 may have diminished substantially, the number of injuries and number of fatalities did not seem to diminish at anywhere near the same rate.

Negligence is Causing These Accidents

The police statistics also include an analysis of the causes of the fatal crashes. While just over one quarter of the accidents have not yet had a cause determined, a full 20% of the accidents were caused by excessive speed, meaning that negligence may very well have been the cause of those unnecessary deaths. Failure to maintain a lane, disregarding traffic control devices, and failure to yield the right of way combined to account for another 25% of the accidents.

Why Personal Injury Law is Necessary in These Cases

The criminal law can only do so much in these cases. While it can punish the negligent drivers, criminal law does almost nothing to try to make the injured parties whole. While judges in criminal cases can sometimes order restitution, that restitution will not cover things like pain and suffering, lost companionship, or lost employment opportunities. These are the sorts of losses for which the civil justice system can help compensate injured people.

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