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All drivers must be attentive while operating their vehicles in normal traffic. But in situations where there is road construction, motorists must be extra vigilant in avoiding car accidents.

Some common accident scenarios involving road construction include:

  • a driver striking another vehicle after swerving into another lane on Interstate 15 because of freeway construction that has closed a lane of traffic
  • a construction worker on Highway 95 getting hit by a vehicle which was not careful enough to avoid pedestrians while driving through a construction zone
  • a driver rear-ending slower-moving cars which had decreased their speed while moving through a construction zone in Henderson
  • a driver rear-ending a stopped vehicle on a Green Valley sidestreet after a flagman had halted traffic to allow a dump truck to enter a construction area

State law requires that all drivers obey posted signs and warnings, including those associated with road construction zones. In most cases, road construction areas are well-marked, giving motorists a chance to adjust their speed or change lanes before entering a potentially dangerous situation.

It is helpful to anticipate driving situations which can result in traffic accidents before a collision occurs. For instance, if a freeway lane on I-215 is ending in a quarter mile and there is a car in that lane next to you, you can reasonably assume that the car will need to merge into your lane. This would allow you to speed up or slow down in order to make room for the merging car and avoid an accident.

However, if another driver causes an accident, he or she cannot cite clearly-marked construction as the reason. He or she would still be liable for damages to other vehicles and the injuries of their occupants. If you have been injured in a car accident caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness in a road construction zone, seek medical attention and then call a personal injury lawyer to review your case.