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The federal government has announced that it is eliminating regular postal service on Saturdays in a cost-cutting move. This means that come August, residents of Las Vegas will no longer experience the joy of reaching into their mailboxes on Saturday and pulling out unsolicited credit card offers, coupons for products they never use, ridiculously-biased political flyers, and other unwelcome junk mail.

There is another silver lining to this development (aside from the fact that the government actually made a decision to save money instead of spend it): the chances of auto accidents involving postal vehicles will decrease.

In truth, postal vehicle accidents are pretty rare, but they sometimes do happen. Possible scenarios include:

  • delivery trucks pulling into traffic and striking a car
  • delivery trucks hitting a pedestrian
  • box trucks trying to turn left on an unprotected green light and colliding with an oncoming car
  • 18-wheeled mail transports rear-ending a vehicle on a freeway or highway

Despite that glib little adage which states "you can’t fight city hall," you can file a personal injury lawsuit against the federal government if you are hurt in this type of accident. Similarly, you may file a wrongful death lawsuit if a loved one was killed in such an incident. In most cases, you will only have two years from the accident date to notify the government of this legal action. There are other aspects of these suits which differ from traditional personal injury or wrongful death lawsuits (like filing the suit in federal court instead of Clark County), but your attorney will be able to assist you throughout the process.

In any case, waiting for the mail to arrive on Saturday is one less thing that Las Vegans will have to worry about. That is, until the USPS raises the price of stamps again.

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