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Bob and Dale Discuss Unlicensed Drivers in Auto Accidents

Bob: Yo, Dale.

Dale: Yo, Bob.

Bob: Why so glum, Dale?

Dale: My sister’s car got hit by a guy with no driver’s license. She had to go to the hospital.

Bob: Is she okay?

Dale: Yeah, just a broken arm. But that’s a bunch of money she’s gotta pay for medical costs.

Bob: Was it the other guy’s fault?

Dale: (Turns to him) Weren’t you listening, Bob? He didn’t have a driver’s license. Of course it was his fault.

Bob: Yeah, well… that’s not relevant, Dale.

Dale: Whaddya mean it ain’t relevant, Bob? He’s got no license, so she shouldn’t have been driving at all. Cops said so when they wrote him the ticket. And if he had stayed out of the driver’s seat like he was supposed to, the accident would never have happened.

Bob: Well, yeah – that’s true, I guess. And he should get a ticket. But it doesn’t make any difference as far as whose fault the accident was?

Dale: (Growls) Say what?

Bob: That’s the law, Dale. Driving without a license and being at fault in an auto accident are two different things.

Dale: But he slammed into her driver’s side door!

Bob: Well, then maybe…

Dale: I mean, a broken arm is a little steep just for missing a stop sign. Now she may have to miss work…

Bob: Wait a minute, Dale. Your sister ran a stop sign?

Dale: Yeah, so what?

Bob: So the accident is her fault, Dale! It doesn’t matter that the other guy had no license. She’s responsible for the crash!

Dale: (clenches fists) Don’t be talkin’ about my sister like that…

Bob: Look, I’m sorry she’s gonna have to pay and arm and a leg for going to the hospital. But Dale, she’s not gonna get any money from the guy who hit her.

Tense silence. Then Dale laughs.

Bob: What’s so funny?

Dale: Costs an arm and a leg. For a broken arm.

Bob: (chuckles) Yeah…

They collapse into laughter.

Dale: That’s pretty funny, Bob.

Bob: Thanks, Dale.