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Bob: Yo, Dale.

Dale: Yo, Bob.

Bob: Wanna go to the Strip?

Dale: Sure. Let’s catch a cab.

Bob: That may not be easy. Yellow Check cabdrivers went on strike yesterday across Vegas. The union says that over a thousand drivers aren’t working, and that about two-thirds of the company’s cabs aren’t on the roads.

Dale: I heard about the strike, and most places are saying they’re not noticing a difference in available cabs. Plus, people are used to waiting in cab lines in Vegas, anyway.

Bob: But aren’t you angry at Yellow Checker Transportation, Dale? They’ve unilaterally adopted agreement terms without getting the union’s OK.

Dale: Hey, all I care about is getting a cab, not who’s driving it. Plus, you don’t have to be a part of the union to drive one of those cabs. If the drivers don’t like it, they can quit.

Bob: But these drivers say they are being forced to work 60-hour weeks minimum unless they have six years’ seniority with the company. That’s dangerous for them, and for the people they carry. Management is killing these guys!

Dale: From what I hear, drivers got a 22% bump in their annual bonus, plus an increase in their safety bonus. That’s a bonus just for not getting into an auto accident! I haven’t gotten into a wreck either, but nobody pays me money for that.

Bob: But these drivers say they often work 12-hour shifts and only take home about $600 per week. On a 60-hour workweek, that’s just ten bucks an hour! You call that a living wage?

Dale: Well Bob, since $600 a week comes out to $30k a year plus two weeks’ vacation, I don’t think that’s exactly chump change. Plus, they get tips equal to around 25% of their pay – or more.

Bob: But the drivers say they’re being leaned on to make dollar quotas each shift!

Dale: Maybe that’s true and maybe it isn’t, but these guys don’t pay for their own gas like cabbies at other companies do.

Bob: Well, I’m siding with the union. Stick it to the man!

Dale: I’m with the company. Quit whining, cabbies, and get back to work.

Bob: <glares at Dale>

Dale: <glares at Bob>

Cindy: <walking by> Hey guys! Heading to the Strip?

Bob: Uh, heck yeah!

Dale: See ya there, Cindy!

Bob: What were we talking about?

Dale: I don’t remember. Let’s go.

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