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Some people are calling it "National Shopping Day." Others are making more plans for that day than they are for the Thanksgiving holiday.

We’re talking about Black Friday 2011. It could be the craziest post-turkey day yet.

According to a website devoted to this year’s Black Friday event, 13 million more people are expected to shop on the day after Thanksgiving than in 2010, bringing the total number to a whopping 225 million. The site also predicts increases in average spending for Black Friday (up to $385 from $365 per person) as well as a percentage of total holiday sales for retailers (up to 10.6% from 10%).

You know what that means: more motorists on the roads and more pedestrians on the streets and in the parking lots.

Plus, some retailers are opening their doors even earlier than last year. For example, valley Target stores will open at midnight on Friday morning, Toys R Us will open at 10pm Thanksgiving night, Sears will be available for shopping on Thanksgiving morning – and Wal-Mart will never close throughout the entire weekend. So the traffic will likely be just as heavy in the nighttime hours as it is during the day.

All of this activity means that the odds of being in a motor vehicle collision or an auto-pedestrian accident will increase dramatically on Friday. So please exercise extra caution whether you are driving on Las Vegas streets or walking to your car in a retail parking lot. If you are injured in a wreck on Black Friday, be sure to contact a qualified auto accident attorney first thing Monday morning.