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By Farhan Naqvi, Personal Injury Lawyer in Las Vegas

Motorists are supposed to share the roadways in Clark County with bike riders, just like they do with other vehicles. But a car accident has a much smaller chance of producing a loss of life than a bike-car accident.

Such was the case recently in North Las Vegas. The Las Vegas Sun reported that a person was killed when a commercial vehicle struck a bike rider. The accident occurred near the intersection of Craig Road and Losee, forcing authorities to shut down a portion of Craig Road for several hours. The article doesn’t list what type of commercial vehicle was involved, nor does it detail how the accident took place.

Some commenters expressed the dangers of bicycling in Las Vegas and implored motorists to watch out for bike riders on Clark County roads. So perhaps it is a good idea to review some tips on how drivers and bicyclists can share the road.

  • If you are driving on a road which has a clearly-marked bike lane, be sure to check that lane before turning across it.
  • If you are bicycling near a larger vehicle and you cannot see its side view mirrors, chances are that its driver cannot see you. So you should change your speed or alter your lane position to remedy the situation.
  • Bicyclists must obey all traffic signals and warning signs on the road.
  • Drivers should not attempt to pass a bicyclist without changing lanes first (unless a bike lane is present). 

If you have been involved in a bike accident and have sustained injuries, be sure to contact a personal injury attorney as soon as possible.

About the Editor: Farhan R. Naqvi is a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer who has experience representing victims injured in car accidents, drunk driver crashes, truck wrecks, slip and falls, taxi cab accidents, and bicycle crashes. He also has experience handling spine injury, product liability, underinsured/uninsured driver, and wrongful death cases. If you’ve been seriously hurt in an accident in Summerlin, North Las Vegas, Clark County, Henderson, Boulder City, Green Valley, or Pahrump, give Farhan a call at 702-553-1000 for a free, no-hassle consultation.