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ARC-CSI Crash Conference Could Help Your Case

It’s a dark night on a two lane highway. The car coming toward you in the other lane looks normal enough until at the last second it veers into your lane and hits the front of your car. Too bad you don’t remember what happened because the other driver is in a coma and his family is blaming you.

Accident investigators and reconstructionists become vital to the personal injury process in these kinds of situations. Even without eyewitnesses, they are able to analyze a crash, make a determination of the cause, and even assign fault in many cases. That is good for you because now you won’t be held accountable for an accident that you didn’t cause.

Accidents on purpose

The ARC-CSI Crash Conference is held annually in Nevada, due in large part to available hotel facilities as well as the Las Vegas Motor Speedway nearby, where accidents can be staged to create data for actual and future accidents. Attending again this year was Rusty Haight, who, along with Bob Anderson taught the 2014 Crash Team Boot Camp.

Rusty Haight is the original “Human Crash Test Dummy” and holds the Guinness Book of World Records for conducting more than 1000 test crashes. The Crash Conference in Las Vegas attracts accident investigators and law enforcement from all over the world to learn the dynamics of accident reconstruction and investigation.

One of Mr. Haight’s most notorious accident reconstructions involved an accident in Australia that resulted in a murder conviction. Rusty was able to show that the man accused of a woman’s murder had not hit the victim with his car, the key evidence in the case. The man was exonerated because of Rusty’s reconstruction of the original accident 37 years later.

What does this mean for you?

If you have been injured in a car accident and the liable party is denying responsibility, it may be necessary to bring in an accident reconstruction expert to disprove their assertion. Experts, such as Rusty Haight have the credibility and knowledge to convince a jury of the truth. Their testimony is based on science and engineering, and is considered an accurate representation of the facts.

When your case requires it, expert testimony helps you to receive the compensation you deserve. These regular gatherings of experts help assure that these professionals keep up with changing car designs and technologies and how they not only affect accidents, but safety as well.