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Police are investigating an East Las Vegas motorcycle wreck that left a car with severe front-end damage and a mangled motorcycle laying on the street.

The wreck took place near the intersection of Oakey Boulevard and Eastern Avenue; authorities blocked the intersection for several hours while they investigated the crash scene. Observers speculate that the car, which also sustained damage to the driver’s side windshield, may have pulled out in front of the bike at a high rate of speed.

The drivers’ names were not released.

Motorcycle Crashes

In the United States left-turn car-motorcycle crashes are very common. In fact, the government estimates that about a third of motorcycle crashes in Nevada are SMIDSY wrecks.

The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration also estimates that a startling 80 percent of motorcycle crashes involve a severe injury or fatality, a proportion that is much higher than automobile crashes. That is because motorcycle riders and their passengers are completely exposed to danger in these crashes.

Some of the common injuries in these wrecks include:

  • Broken Bones: Even in relatively low-speed wrecks, motorcycle riders are nearly always thrown off the bike. When they slam into the pavement or into another fixed object, their shattered bones often require metal pins and major surgery to repair. Afterwards, the patients may face months or even years of painful and expensive rehabilitative therapy.
  • Biker’s Arm: When a person is launched into the air, it is a natural reaction to use one’s arm to cushion the blow when landing. This reaction often results in severe joint damage when the arm is essentially crushed, causing greatly reduced mobility which may be permanent.
  • Internal Injuries: First responders and emergency room doctors are normally concerned with external trauma injuries, so internal bleeding may go undiagnosed for minutes or even hours.

Motorcycle crash victims are generally entitled to compensation for both their economic and non-economic losses.

Preventative Steps

The old adage is often true: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. In these crashes, the starting point is that many drivers are simply not looking for motorcycles. Many riders are already familiar with these tips, but novice riders may be unaware of a few simple ways to improve their visibility:

  • Noise: A loud muffler helps draw driver attention to a motorcycle, but these mufflers may run afoul of anti-motorcycle noise ordinances. A better idea is to use the horn frequently.
  • Movement: Do not ride in a straight line; zig-zag slightly within a single lane to attract attention.
  • Position: Especially when changing lanes, linger for a few moments in a car or truck’s rearview mirror.

Motorcycle crashes nearly always result in serious rider injury. For a free consultation with an assertive personal injury attorney in Las Vegas, contact our office. An attorney can arrange for ongoing medical care, even if the victim has no insurance and no money.